The "TC Digital Learning Showcase" Event

Documentation of the Smith Learning Theater event from April 4, 2018 - April 7, 2018

About this Rhizr
About this Rhizr
Day 1: Chronology of Events
10:10am - Opening Remarks
11:00am - Online Pedagogy and Design: A Dialogue
12:00pm - Taking Your Teaching Online: Stories from the Field
Play, Mingle, Learn
Additional Resources
Top Photos
About the Event
A Word From Our Sponsors
About MASCLab
Event Description
Day 2: Chronology of Events
Play, Mingle, Learn
Social Media and Outreach
NLT Pieces
TC Coverage
Online Archive
Key Features
Scaffolding the Space
Collecting QUAPPA Data
All Hands on Deck
Learning Theater Layout
Official Floor Plan
Reception Area
Follow the Yellow Arrow Road
Journey Through Six Exhibits
Plenary Space
Grab a Postcard!
Artifacts and Activities
Exhibit 1: Windows
Exhibit 2: Conduits
Exhibit 3: Embodiment
Exhibit 4: Materiality
Exhibit 5: Design
Exhibit 6: Multimodality