The "Mars Mission" Event

Documentation of the Smith Learning Theater events from 6/21/2017 to 3/22/2018

Looking Back from Mars
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About the Mission
Behind the Scenes
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Mission Gallery
Monday, 1/29/18, 5pm
Thursday, 11/16, 7pm
Wednesday, 11/15, 3pm
Friday, 10/13, 2PM
Thursday, 10/12, 6:30PM
Wednesday, 10/11, 4:30PM
Tuesday, 10/10, 2PM
Monday, 10/9, 2PM
Wednesday, 10/4, 3PM
Tuesday, 10/3, 3PM
Thursday, 9/28, 3pm
Wednesday, 9/27, 3pm
Thursday, 8/31, 2pm
Thursday, 6/21, 3pm
Participant Outreach
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Overview of the Learning Theater Environment
Participant Feedback
Invitation—Ticketing—Mission Control
Hangar Bay—Preflight Exercise—Mission Match Simulation
Landing on Mars—Rover Battery Simulation—Share-out
Dust Storm Alert—Final Rover Activity—Outcomes