Rhizomatic research

The making of a manifesto

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An orientation of sorts
A learner's ecosystem of tools
Visualization tools
A painfully slow way to browse data from the rhizome course
Tools to facilitate social learning
The rhizome philosophy
The basics
A lecture in rhizomatic theory
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Of course there's a course
Video speaks louder than words
Connections to Connectivist Learning Theory
The basics
Deeper definitions
An even better explanation [Video]
Open education
How can learners be evaluated?
Open Education: The Course
ds106 vs. Udacity: A student's comparison
A common complaint from open learners
Research on Rhizomatic Learning
The classroom as rhizome: New strategies for diagramming knotted interactions
“There’s no fixed course”: Rhizomatic learning communities in adolescent videogaming
Technology-enhanced language learning environments: A rhizomatic approach
Real life rhizomatics
BMA Outpost
Rhizomatic classrooms in practice
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