Education Program 2018-2019

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Apps & Tools
Overview of Workshops
Introduction to the Library
About Doctoral Research
Research Basics
Academic Career Development Program
Conducting the Lit Review
Knowing Together, with Rosalie Yu
What Kind of Researcher Are You?
Mid-Term Study Break & Open House
Who's Citing Whom?
NY Foundling's Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)
Communal Sand Painting, with Bert Benally
On the Money: Grant Seeking Tips & Tools
Succulent Painting
Warm Boots for Spring: Research Tools & Strategies
Who's Citing Whom?
New Year, New Plant
K-12 Resources
Demystifying the IRB
Conference Submission & Presentations, Part 1
IRB Proposal Review, Part I
What's Fair? The ABC's of Copyright
Conference Submission and Presentations, Part II
Postural Movement Therapy, with Joey Zimet
Grant Funding Your Research
IRB Proposal Review, Part II
So You're Alumni!
If We Knew What We Were Doing
The Lit Review
Funding Your Research
What Kind of Researcher Are You?
Who's Citing Whom?
An Introduction to Course Reserves
Welcome Workshop 1
Book Talks
Overview of Book Talks
Forging the Ideal Educated Girl, with Shenila Khoja-Moolji
Computer-Mediated Learning for Workforce Development, with Victoria Marsick, Dominic Mentor & Guests
Those Two!, with Rosanna Rodriguez
It's Not About Grit, with Steve Goodman
With One Shot, with Dorothy Marcic
Classroom Cultures, with Michelle Knight-Manuel
From Humiliation to Dignity, with Evelin Lindner
Embodying Theory, with Elizabeth Bishop
Education at War, with Arshad Imtiaz Ali
In the Shadow of Authoritarianism, with Thomas Fallace
Teaching Teachers, with James W. Fraser and Lauren Lefty
Anatomy of the Voice, with Ted Dimon
News Displays
Overview of News Displays
Google Is Incorporated
Roald Dahl Is Born
Oprah Launches Book Club
Bill of Rights Passes Congress
Remembering Mary Adelaide Nutting
Columbus Reaches the New World
Brussells World's Fair Closes
The First Parachutist
Lawrence Cremin Is Born
Abraham Lincoln Is Elected President
Georgia O'Keeffe Is Born
Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Is Signed
First Thanksgiving
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Presidential Inaugurations at Teachers College, 1887 - 2018
South Pole Is Discovered
A Christmas Carol Is Published
George Washington Delivers the First State of the Union Address
A Donkey Is Born
Gold Is Discovered in Coloma
U.S. Coastguard Is Created
Birth of a Nation Premiers
Olivia Hooker Is Born
First Academy Awards Announced
Getty Museum Receives Largest Endowment
Ernest Hemingway Finishes Old Man and the Sea
Ideas of March
Agnes Martin Is Born
Chang Poling Is Born
Galileo Is Convicted of Heresy
Titanic Sinks
Margaret H'Doubler Is Born
Students Protest at Kent State
Nelson Mandela Is Inaugurated
Remembering Harold Ordway Rugg
Grace Hadley Dodge Is Born
William Young Patents the Ice Cream Freezer
Tribal Rights of the New Saturday Night
Anne Frank Receives a Diary
Summer Solstice
First Newbery Medal
Zip Codes Are Introduced
World Population Day
Twitter Launches
Apollo 11 Lands in the North Pacific
Remembering Frank W. Cyr
The Purple Heart
Horace Greeley Publishes the Prayer of Twenty Millions
Hurricane Katrina Hits New Orleans
Overview of Tours
Fall Library Tours
Spring Library Tours
Summer Library Tours
Library Tours, Starting 8/28
Staff Picks
Overview of Staff Picks
September-October: 2018 Award-Winning Children's Books to Read Again and Again
November-December: Homecoming / Coming Home
January-February: Artists' Books: Dimensional Stories
March: (Her) Stories: Women's Memoirs
April: A History of Economic Thought
May: Labor
June: The Pedagogy of Hip Hop
July: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing
August: Crossing Borders: Literature in Translation
Guest Talks
Overview of Guest Talks
Knowing Together, with Rosalie Yu
TeacherEd Confidential, with Lauren Anderson
Liberating Imagination through Artistic Activism
Rethinking Teacher Education Partnerships, with Ting Yuan & Hui S. Jiang
Supporting the Development of Teachers in Schools, with Cornelius Minor
Narratives+Perspectives: Reclaiming [^OUR] Public Art!, with SAA
Social-Emotional Learning From Infancy to Adolescence, with Clancy Blair
Fantasy and Reality in Visual Media, with B. Mensah, J. Arcieri, and K. Fikremaram
From Negative to Positive, with Carolina Cambronero-Valera & Guests
Celebrating Anthropology and Education, with TC Students
Live Music
Overview of Live Musical Performances
Wadsworth Strings
Julianne Cary
The N Train
Eliana and Nico
Laura Head
Rebecca Pu
Shane Bordeau and Ray Patton
Geremy Grant
Melissa Shetler
Oakwood Underground
TC Chamber Music
Volunteer to Play in Everett Cafe
Shane Bordeau, Ray Patton & Joey Lemon
Highlighted Databases
Overview of Databases
September: Key Resources for Research
October: National Book Month
November: Self-Directed Learning
December: Universal Design
January: Educational Change
February: Nutrition Education
March: Maker Education
April: Visual Research
May: Alumni Resources
June: Environmental Education
July: Reading and Writing
August: International and Comparative Education
Everett Cafe Book Displays
Overview of Everett Book Displays
Eagle and Bear: Something More Than Intelligence
Dear Mr. Gerry: Meandering Into Elections
The Patriarchy: Past and Present
The Award Goes to Mis / Representation
Teaching About Species
College Admissions: Getting In or Getting Out?
Learning From Parks
Overview of Exhibitions
The 2018 Library Performance Revue
Brave Spaces: Where You, Me, and We Meet
I Stand with Immigrants, with the TC Coalition of Latinx Scholars
Celebrating Dance Education Through Seen in New York
Knowing Together, by Rosalie Yu
Teachers College, Columbia University (Unleashing)
Victory, by Nicole Elaine Avery
From Negative to Positive, by Carolina Cambronero-Valera
Reflections: TC Art from the Dow, Castellon, and Ziegfeld Collections
Film Talks
Overview of Film Talks
Teaching Immigrants in an Era of Exclusion, with Tatyana Kleyn
Learning at the Libraries (2019)
Nankai: The Tale of a School, with Guang Zu